Okains Bay Seafood

For centuries the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori, have been catching fish with a hook and bait. Okains Bay Seafood founder and owner Greg Summerton can trace his Maori ancestry back to circa 700 when the ancestor Rakaihautu arrived in New Zealand in a waka (canoe) in the great migration from Polynesia.

Since 1840 all Greg’s forebears have been commercial fishermen so there was never a doubt he too would follow the tradition. “That is simply what my family did”.

A Maori upbringing  taught Greg to understand the traditions of hunting and value water as the source of all life.  This concept is encapsulated in the Maori concept kaitiakitanga which means to respect the resource so that the things you take from it will always be there in the future.

The world is waking up to the need for sustainable seafood and today Okains Bay Seafood is proud to be leading the way using traditional fishing methods. “Fishing has been and will always be a way of life for my family.”