Okains Bay Seafood
adding value

Once our vessels return to port, the catch is trucked to a nearby fish processing facility to be prepared for the market.

The processing facilities in Christchurch are equal to any in the world and have been held up as a model to the world by the European Union and US Food and Drug Administration. Strict temperature control, compact and efficient processing line and the usage of ice and ice slurry ensures the product does not vary by more than 2-3 degrees from start to finish. This maintains the superior quality and appearance of the fish.

The factory has many processing lines so is able to provide fresh chilled products and fillets in different processed forms depending on market or customer requirements. A fully automated batter/breading process line can produce a range of crumbed and battered products ideal for the hospitality industry and supermarkets. All lines are served by various types of high tech freezers depending on the form and requirements of the product and markets.

“The processing facility in Christchurch should be used as a model for shellfish and seafood processing facilities throughout the world.”

Marc Glatzer
Senior Regional Shellfish Specialist - US Food and Drug Administration