Okains Bay Seafood

Like traditional Maori fishermen, we catch our fish with a hook and bait using a method known as long lining.

Unlike set net fishing or trawling, long lining is selective. This means we can target the high value species the market wants and leave other fish species in the sea undisturbed.

Once caught, the target fish remain calm causing them the minimum of distress. Long lining also has the advantage of having a low impact on the seabed, leaving it intact for sea life to flourish.

Long lining takes great skill and requires detailed knowledge of the fishing ground, the behaviour of target species, sea currents and the weather.  To support the skipper’s decisions the Okains Bay Seafood fleet is equipped with the latest high-quality echo soundings and plotting technology to help locate the best fishing grounds.

Responsible Fishing Comparison
Responsible Fishing Aspects LONGLINE GILLNET TRAWL
Size selection ++ +++ +
Species selection ++ + -
Survival after escape + + -
Ghost fishing ++ --- ++
Fish quality ++ - ++
Energy consumption/pollution ++ ++ -
Impact on the sea bed 14+ 6+ 2+