Okains Bay Seafood
tread lightly

‘Toitu te marae a Tane Toitu te marae a Tangaroa Toitu te iwi

If the land is well and the sea is well, the people will thrive

Okains Bay SeafoodOur goal is for our entire product range to be carbon neutral whether it is purchased in London or Los Angeles! To reduce carbon emissions, our vessel Kawatea runs on pure biodiesel. BioGold Biodiesel
Made in New Zealand, Biogold™ is produced from local recycled cooking oil and sustainably grown canola (oilseed rape). Compared with mineral diesel, Biogold™ has delivered a reduction in greenhouse gases of up to 90%. It has also had many other benefits for the environment.

• We use significantly less fuel
• Biodiesel breaks down in the water
• Significantly less exhaust emissions
• Lubricates engines, reducing wear and tear

We are now the biggest marine biodiesel user in New Zealand and plan to switch our fleet of trucks to the new fuel shortly.

We are also planting thousands of eucalyptus trees on our 6,700 acre coastal property Waikene Station near Kaikoura. Waikene Station - Carbon FarmNative New Zealand trees are also being allowed to regenerate including Black Beech and the mighty giants of the forest, Totara, Matai, Rimu, and Kahikatea. These trees are very important to the indigenous Maori people and home to New Zealand’s unique native birds.
Waikene is also home to the sacred ‘Monkey Face’ Maori limestone cave drawings and burial site. We recognise the area’s significance to local iwi (tribe) and accord it the respect it deserves.